From the recording Beautiful Goodbye


What makes a life well lived?
So many memories you’re holding
You accomplished all you can
Had a love affair that keeps going

From an eager lump of clay
Your skilled hands started moulding
Sharing love with what you made
Creating children truly golden

As a Beautiful Goodbye
A Beautiful Goodbye
A belly laugh
A twinkle in your eye
Something that’ll last
Like a Beautiful Goodbye

Well how do you top your list?
In a life that’s simply glowing
Could it be one final gift?
Beyond the art that you’ve been showing

When the wind and waves roll by
I time the sculptor stored his tools away
And as the last cast is dried
You take a final bow centre stage

With a Beautiful Goodbye
A Beautiful Goodbye
One last embrace
Spirits riding high
Your coda was well played
With a Beautiful Goodbye

With courage and resolve
Like a keel cuts the ocean
The master’s finest work was made
That left this loved one beholden

With a Beautiful Goodbye
A Beautiful Goodbye
His greatest gift
I will testify
His humour and grace
Made a Beautiful Goodbye

Copyright 2023, J.Standfield